"Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, and after our likeness.' And let them have dominion..." (Gen. 1:26)

From the beginning of human history, we have been given the privilege and responsibility of coming alongside the Creator in ruling over (i.e. governing, managing, cultivating) our world, imaging him in the way in which we work like him. So how does he work? 

This is what we know from Genesis 1 alone:

  • He brings order out of chaos with design and systems.
  • He cares about practicality and beauty.
  • He doesn't waste anything. 
  • He is wildly creative and innovative. 
  • He only creates good. 
  • He works for the flourishing of all people. 
  • He empowers his "coworkers" through clearly-defined purpose and ownership. 
  • He is logical, discerning, and wise. 
  • He exercises his power and authority only for good. 
  • He anticipates future needs and addresses them. 
  • He enjoys the fruit of his labor.