God always has a plan. Often His plan is confusing, exhausting, and overwhelming. Looking back at the year in the Fellows program, I see how evident His hand was in each confusing, exhausting, and overwhelming moment. I worked as Program Assistant at Boosterthon Fun Run. Boosterthon proved to be the biggest blessing, while also being the greatest challenge. The role brought me so far outside of my comfort zone. I couldn’t begin to know how to crawl back into it. 

The family of Boosterthon was one of genuine love, compassion, and encouragement. While I felt that I wasn’t in my strengths during my internship, that did not stop the Boosterthon team from validating me as the person God made me to be. It is because of Boosterthon that I found my passion for people, and specifically students. I found a desire to use the school campus and community as my mission field. 

Boosterthon showed me what it means to be selfless and love others while showering them with God's love. It is because of my time there that I am now a school counselor, teaching character education every day. I will forever be thankful for the Booster family. So lean on the promise that God has designed every second for your best interest even when it is confusing, exhausting, and overwhelming. We need confusing, exhausting, and overwhelming to bring us back to surrender.

-Erin Fondren